Congrats to the newly announced cast of Poona the Fuckdog, written by Jeff Goode and directed by Josh Sazon!

Caleb Borden – The Man Who Could Sell Anything
Taylor Clarey – Poona
Chuck Dufano – Fairy God-Phallus
Jeremy Eble – Mr. Beer
Derek Johnson – Shrub
Dennis Lambing – God
Erin Mills – TV
Ryan Morrow – the Prince
Joe Mozena – the Computer
Lou Ramsey – Cunt
Madonna Smith – the Storyteller
Brian T. – the Rabbit
Franklyn Thomas – Jasper
Kaamilya Antje – Jack
Serena Collins – Suzy-Suzy

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition!
Performances Apr. 27, 28, May 4, 5 at Public Space One

Once upon a time there was a F**k Dog. Named Poona. Poona was a very lonely Fuck Dog until one day she was visited by her Fairy God Phallus and taught how to play a fun game in her big pink box. Poona suddenly becomes a very popular Fuck Dog! Poona’s adventures take her to the Kingdom of Do (where nobody did) ruled by a powerful television set. She meets, among others, Suzy-Suzy Cyber Assassin, a thespian shrub, lost space aliens, and she even talks to God! Poona finally grows old and must tell her fabulous story to all you little kiddies.