By Danielle Mohlman, Directed by Bries Vannon
Feb. 9, 10, 16, & 17
1M; 1F
Metaphorically set in the Museum of Broken Relationships, this chamber drama follows two iPhone-armed DC transplants as they drift between intimacy and disconnect. The play opens with W and M – strangers – waiting for a bus. Their eyes wander and W is quick to mention that she has a boyfriend. But they’re on a break. Because he doesn’t want to call it a “relationship” anymore. M asks for her phone number, offering his much newer model as collateral. He enters his number and what follows are the moments that would be on display if they were a living exhibit in the Museum of Broken Relationships. Over the course of the play, M and W visit everywhere from Smithsonians to Metro stations to parks to each other’s apartments, but the real play lies in what is said and done at these locations. The play is set in the present in Washington, DC. Despite the multiple locations indicated in the script, this entire play takes place in the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, The only set piece is a museum bench.