We’re looking for LGBTQ+ performers, artists, storytellers, dancers, musicians and more. People of all skill and experience levels are welcome. 18+.

We are cultivating an evening of 5-10 min original creations, collectively showcasing the amazing queer folks in our community.

QueertopIA will be held at the The Mill (120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City) on Friday, June 21 at 7:30PM. 50% of net profits will go to Iowa City Pride!

How to participate:
1. Think of a piece you might contribute–whether it’s something new to you, or something you’ve done before. Think inside or outside the box–we’re open to music, acting, comedy, dance, performance art, something else so awesome we haven’t even thought of it yet–imagine the possibilities.
2. Email a description of your idea to Madonna at president@dreamwell.com by June 1. It doesn’t have to be complete yet.
3. Develop your performance on your own time, in the weeks leading up to June 21.

Time commitment:
1. However many prep hours of your own you feel you need.
2. 1-3 hours of dress rehearsal, over 1 or 2 days. Time and date TBD — likely the week of June 16.
3. 3-4 hours on the night of the show — arrive by 6:30PM on Friday, June 21. Perform between 7:30 and 9:30. Stay and support other performers.

Please note: If you have something to contribute but don’t want to perform it yourself, let us know. Dreamwell Theatre can help you find directors, performers, writers, etc. Talk to us if you need help finding volunteers or other resources! (This may be a great way for allies to participate).

We’re honoring Queertopia, a longstanding tradition of an all inclusive, no holds barred “cabaret of queer love” started in Minneapolis by Jeffry Lusiak and carried on by Nastalie Q. Queertopia has been going strong in Twin Cities for over a decade. We are excited to begin our own tradition here in Iowa City! We look forward to hearing from you.