Thank you to everyone who attend our Night of Stars and made it a success. Here are the winners from each category:

Best Supporting Actress: Kelly Garret for her role as Juli in Fictional Murders
Best Supporting Actor: Aaron Case for his role as Mark in Fictional Murders
Best Actor: Nate Sullivan for his role as Doug is Gruesome Playground Injuries
Best Actress: Becca Anderson for her role as Kayleen in Gruesome Playground Injuries
Best Director: Rachael Lindhart for The Whipping Man
Best Tech: Fictional Murders-Tech by Connie Peterson, David Miessler-Kubanek, Matthew Brewbaker, Rich Riggleman, Brian Tanner, Matthew Falduto, Bethany Horning, Roger Phelps and Dennis Lambing
Best Show: The Whipping Man with performances and tech by Roe Lloyd, Felipe Carrasco, Ruben Lebron, Rachael Lindhart, Nate J. Sullivan, Lexi Cabrara, Ruth FishNight of Stars 2014er, Steve Hall and Jorie Slodki