Dreamwell Theatre and City Circle Acting Company of Coralville are proud to announce the actors, directors and writers for the 4th Annual All in a Day Play Festival.

The evening before the event, seven writers, seven directors and thirty-five actors will meet to receive their script assignments: including characters, themes and locations. The writers will whip out drafts overnight and actors and directors will work like mad to create seven brand new plays for Sunday’s performance. The show is 7:30 pm on Sunday, August 28 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. The evening will be emceed by Angie Toomsen and Kevin Moore.

Elisabeth Ross
Meg Dobbs
Jason Tipsword
Josh Beadle
Mary Sullivan
Mike Wilhelm
Matt Brewbaker

Matt Falduto
Brian Tanner
Joe Jennison
James Trainor
Tom Deiker
Andrew Juhl
Amy White

Rachel Falduto
Kelly Scherrer
Sharon Falduto
Katy Karas
Theresa Marie Meeks-Mosley
Alison Devore
Ann Regly
Mary Vander Weg
Robyn McCright
Rachel Hittner
Rip Russell
Hannah Brown
Makayla Phillips
Nika Tipsword
Kiva Meeks-Mosley
Genevieve Heinrich
Heidi Bibler
Amber Jannusch
Thalia Heinrich
Chuck Dufano
John Crosheck
Meghan D’Souza-Ewinger
Brad Quinn
Lindsay Eaves
Heather Michele Lawler
Lori Beatty-Fye
Ellen Stevenson
Bryant Duffy
Megan Keiser
Dennis Lambing
Grant Freeman
Brett Myers
Elijah Jones
Britney Burk
Deone Pedersen