Dreamwell Theatre is an award-winning non-profit volunteer theatre company dedicated to creating professional-quality productions. In our 22 years of existence, we have produced nearly 100 plays in various locations around Iowa City. We are honored to be part of the vibrant cultural landscape of an amazing, intelligent and literary city.

In 2001, we re-defined our mission as a theater that creates challenging, innovative and inclusive theatrical experiences and rededicated ourselves to the spirit of exploration and discovery. We chose the image of a sextant, a nautical tool for navigation, as our logo. With each production, we reaffirm our identity as a “theatre of exploration.”

In 2013, we chose this mission statement: Dreamwell is a theatre that creates innovative, fresh and provocative experiences that challenge audiences and actors while giving all members of the community an opportunity to grow and develop artistically.

With the exception of the 2005 season, when we operated out of a space at the Old Capitol Mall, we have not had a “brick and mortar” storefront. We have great relationships with area venues such as the Unitarian Universalist Society and Old Brick and regularly perform in those spaces, as well as several others. We are always interested in new and interesting venues to produce shows and are always looking for that permanent space we can call our own. Permanent home or not, we consider the strength of our ensemble and collective dedication to the theatre to be our true home and that will never change.

You can contact us at 319-423-9820.