The Dreamwell Theatre Writer’s Skirmish judges have announced the winners of this year’s Writer’s Skirmish. They are:

Winner:  Amy White for ‘World’s Teeniest’
Runner-up:  Carrie and Richard New for “Afterwerks”
Runner-up: James Grob for “Some Assembly Required”

This contest was for Iowa playwrights. Unlike last year’s “Writers Joust,” which called for full length shows, this time Dreamwell looked for one act plays. The theme of the plays also needed to be connected to our season, “Here I Stand,” a program of plays about taking a stand for one’s identity, despite the consequences.Last year’s “Writers Joust” winning play, Tom Deiker’s Innocence, was produced to much acclaim.

Winner receives a $100 cash prize and a full production July 13 – 21, 2012. Runners up will also receive full productions of their plays at that time.