Dreamwell Theatre proudly announces the cast for Deborah Brevoort’s The Women of Lockerbie.  The show is directed by Rachael Lindhart and will be performed September 14-22 at the Unitarian Universalist Society (10 s. Gilbert st., Iowa City).  Thanks to all who auditioned.

The Cast

Olive – Paula Grady
Bill – Rip Russell
Madeline – Theresa Meeks-Mosley
George –  Steve Ivester
Hattie – Jen Brown
Woman 1 – Mary Jane Myers
Woman 2 – Tracy Schoenle

The Women of Lockerbie is set inthe hills around Lockerbie, Scotland, where Pan Am flight 103 crashed on December 21, 1988. The play takes place on the 7-year anniversary of the crash and concerns the efforts of a group of Lockerbie women to gain permission and access to the clothes of those killed in order to wash them and return them to the victims’ families. The women are joined by the parents of a crash victim who are looking for healing by visiting and seeking signs of their son at the crash site. The efforts of the women are impeded by the American government representative in charge of the warehouse storing the remains from the crash, a man who is anxious to wind up the 7-year long investigation into the crash. The play is modeled on Greek drama and epic in form, in spite of its contemporary events and people. It is a drama that examines how (and whether) people heal after a tragedy of great magnitude.