An online, on demand event: August 13-15, 2021–dreamwell-theatre-company

“Ten magnetic characters. Ten bizarre, explosive, and darkly humorous stories. This collection of monologues from the imagination of Pulitzer Prize-winning John Patrick Shanley delves into the allure of bad behavior and the absurdity of being human.

All of John Patrick Shanley’s proceeds from the sales and licensing for ROGUES’ GALLERY will go to The Actors Fund.” -Dramatists Play Service


Curated by: Stephen Polchert, and Madonna Smith 

Technical Direction, Set Design, Artwork, and Editing: Stephen Polchert 

Special Thanks to: Phil Beck, Zachary Begley, Melissa Kaska, Rachael Lindhart, Kathy Maxey, Freedom Nicholas Parker, Elisabeth Ross, ArtiFactory, Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, Wesley Foundation, and the Dreamwell Board.

featuring Diviin Huff
directed by Madonna Smith

featuring Kathy Maxey
directed by Valerie Davine

featuring Ryan Morrow
directed by Josh Sazon

featuring Elisabeth Ross
directed by Brian Tanner

featuring Valerie Davine
directed by Madonna Smith

featuring Madonna Smith
directed by Rachael Lindhart

featuring Josh Sazon,
directed by Stephen Polchert

featuring Colin Mattox
directed by Melissa Kaska

featuring Melissa Kaska
directed by Rachael Lindhart

featuring Matthew Brewbaker
directed by Matthew Brewbaker,
Stephen Polchert, and Madonna Smith


MATTHEW BREWBAKER (he/him) is currently the Artistic Director of Dreamwell Theatre and is pleased to be returning from his hiatus from theater (not just the obvious but long story.) He’s so proud of Dreamwell for putting this event together and all the creative people who participated. And as always he thanks his lovely wife.

VALERIE DAVINE (she/her) has enjoyed working with Dreamwell for many years. She is very grateful to Steve for this opportunity, to Kathy for her wonderful acting and ease to work with, and to Madonna for her devoted and masterful direction.

DIVIIN HUFF (she/her/queen), is an actor, poet and writer who is so excited to be in this, her third Dreamwell production! The process of finding character and expression was amazing and she is so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring the monologue to life.  She would like to give a special shout out to Madonna, her director on this project, as she couldn’t have found voice without her tools and guidance.  Also, Diviin would like to thank you for supporting local art!

MELISSA KASKA  (she/her) is proud to continue working on theater projects with her friends! She has been busy lately, avoiding the recent plague, and is excited to shake off the cobwebs and make a racket with her fellow Rogues!

RACHAEL LINDHART (she/her) has directed eleven plays previously for Dreamwell Theatre and has had a great time directing two of these monologues. “What a great group of actors to work with and working with Steve and Madonna who coordinated this project.  Here’s to many more projects in the future!”

COLIN MATTOX (he/him/his) is an Iowa City comic, actor and writer. He is one in a long line of vampire hunters. Something he realizes upon reflection is a foolish thing to put in a bio as it might compromise the integrity of the ancient order to which his forebears belonged. But oh well.

KATHY MAXEY (she/her/hers) would like to thank Madonna and Steve and Valerie for the opportunity to experience theatre in a new way! “It was a fun and educational experience – and great to be back with my Dreamwell pals :)”

RYAN MORROW (he/him) will always be a prince in Dreamwell’s eyes. We greatly appreciate him making the trek from the Quad Cities to lend his talents to this project.

STEPHEN POLCHERT (he/him) is the fearless captain of this motley crew. Dreamwell is extremely grateful for his foresight, and inspiration in getting this project off the ground. And for the countless hours he put in to make the idea a reality.

ELISABETH ROSS (she/her) is a long time Dreamwell board member and community theater volunteer. Special thanks to Brian T. for directing me in my first monologue!

JOSH SAZON (he/him) is delighted to return to theater work (with Dreamwell Theater!) after a year’s unexpected hiatus. He has worked on a number of productions in the area.

MADONNA SMITH (she/her) has never been to an acupuncturist, visited Vancouver, learned to play piano nor ordered an egg sandwich with a coffee. She does believe art is a necessary part of life, and that theatre, coupled with community involvement is her lifeblood. Madonna is proud of Dreamwell for weathering 2020 together while trying new things. She is extremely grateful to Rachael, Diviin, Valerie, Matt, Steve, and to all involved for collaborating on this project. And to you, for your support!

BRIAN TANNER (he/him) is happy to be involved with this production and to direct E-Ross for the first time. Thank you for supporting community theatre!



“For Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley, the shutdown of theaters and the new limitations for the cautious openings months later during the COVID-19 pandemic was a…call to action.

So he wrote Rogues’ Gallery, a collection of 10 monologues of varying lengths, which allow for minimal interaction during rehearsal” **

We too heard that call. And we are grateful to Shanley for giving us this creative outlet. Dreamwell gladly accepted the challenge to try something new. Directors and actors were able to meet virtually for rehearsals. We kept the number of people involved in the live recordings to a safe minimum.

Shanley’s unique narratives are set on a shared backdrop. Each piece has been tailored from the artistic vision of Stephen Polchert, and the directors. When asked about his concept, Steve replied: “Ten monologues, ten actors, a parachute, and a light bulb–pure theatre.”

Thank you for joining us on our latest adventure! We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have.



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