Dreamwell Theatre is looking for actors to take part in our Actors’ Lab experience.  The Actors Lab workshop is designed to teach new tools and skills to area actors but also to find a group of interestedactors to create a performance from the ground up.  Actors will learn the acting method known as the Six Viewpoints as originally conceived by Wendell Beavers and Mary Overlie  for dancers and performance artists. It was later expanded on and adapted by Anne Bogart and many others to more directly apply to actors.  We will be using some of the original framework to give an introduction to the concepts.  We will also be discussing the performance/play creation techniq



ues used by such diverse theaters as The Living Theater and Tectonic Theater. Dreamwell previously used these techniques several years ago to create the play “Wake.” Note that participants in the workshop are not required to participate in the creation of the original show.


The workshop be held on Saturday, May 3 at the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center in Iowa City, Meeting Room A.  It will run from 9am to 3pm with a short break for lunch, there will be some physical activity so participants should be prepared and wear loose fitting or dance wear.  No formal training is required, but actors should have prior onstage experience.


Spaces in the workshop are limited, and there are only a few spots available for actors under 17. To RSVP or find out more about the Actors’ Lab,  email Matt Brewbaker at Dreamwellad@mchsi.com