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Actor Sign Up will be posted at noon on Friday, March 10.

The All in a Day Play Fest is back, this time with a special guest star, the famous Chaise Lounge!

It’s…All in a Day, All in a Chaise Play Fest!

If you’ve seen any productions in the Iowa City area over the past twenty years or so, then it’s likely you’ve seen the pinkish Chaise Lounge appearing amongst the set pieces.

Iowa City Community Theatre, Dreamwell Theatre, Run of the Mill Theatre Productions, Willow Creek Theatre Company, and Riverside Theatre are teaming up to honor this oft featured piece of furniture, inspired by an idea by community theater member, Kristina Rutkowski.

On Friday, March 24, writers, actors, and directors will meet at the Iowa City Community Theatre and be randomly grouped to create mini-masterpieces within 24 hours, to be rehearsed on Saturday, and performed the evening of March 25 at ICCT.

Each play will incorporate the chaise in some way. Writers are randomly assigned a location, a genre, and one other dramatic detail to include in their scripts. Writers, actors, and directors brainstorm ideas and then the writers leave to create ten-minute plays by 8:00 am Saturday morning when the actors and directors receive the play.

If you are interested in directing one of these short works, please sign up below. We are looking for six directors. All directors have to available Friday, March 24th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and Saturday, March 25th from 8am to 10pm. Thank you!