Dreamwell will hold auditions for Dick Pix by Daniel McCoy, directed by Gavin Conkling, on September 13 and 14 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Iowa City Public Library in Room C. Actors unable to audition at these times should contact the director at gavinconkling@gmail.com. Actors will be asked to read sides from the script, but may also perform a prepared satirical piece of their choosing. Performances will be October 27, 28, and November 3, 4 at 7:30pm. A copy of the script is available at the Iowa City Public Library second floor reference desk or upon request to chuck@dreamwell.com.

Character Breakdown:
One man mid-20s to late 30s;
One woman, mid-20s to late 30s;
Three women, 40s-60s;
One genderqueer, 30s

Dick Pix is a satirical comedy about artistic integrity, gender identity, sexual harassment, and narcissism in the age of social media. Calvin Lively is a photographer and self-proclaimed provocateur in desperate need of an idea for his next installation. Grace, his girlfriend and publicist, and Fin, his best friend and art dealer, are turning up the heat as the deadline approaches. Meanwhile, two eponymous Art Handlers complicate the situation when they become the target of Grace’s unwanted attention. Mrs. Marbleblatt, a widowed patron of the arts, further queers the equation when she takes a prurient interest in Calvin’s work. As the title suggests, Calvin’s installation involves large-scale photographic prints of his own penis selfies (tastefully framed). Though the show is a financial success, Calvin is unprepared for the sudden and unorthodox ways in which both Grace and Fin’s own internet stars rise as a result leaving Calvin feeling like an anachronism in a world where he’s used to being at the center. With the help of Mrs. Marbleblatt, Calvin has one last big idea that will cap off his body of work with a bang.