Dreamwell Theatre will hold auditions for “Tragedy: A Tragedy” written by Will Eno, directed by Kris and Matt Brewbaker. Auditions will take place at the Iowa City Public Library 7pm Monday, Feb. 25 and Wednesday, Feb 27. Performance dates are April 26/27 and May 3/4.

“Tragedy: A Tragedy” by Will Eno is an absurdist comedy. Three news correspondents, an anchorman in the studio, and one witness all attempt to sort out, determine the facts, and find the human interest and personal connections of a disastrous mystery. The sun has set and darkness has fallen.

This play is told through monologues, overlapping and developing to reveal the hopes, dreams, and fears of the correspondents themselves.

Frank in the studio: M age 40+
John in the field: M age 20-50
Michael the legal adviser: M age 20-50
Constance at the home: F age 20-50
Witness: Age and Gender unspecified

Contact the director at nmcstabby@gmail.com with any questions.