We are adding another night of auditions for Antigone due to the bad weather on Sunday. Our last day of auditions are tomorrow, Tuesday, December 6 at the Iowa City Public Library from 6pm to 8pm. You do not need to memorize anything. We will have cold readings from the script.

This is not a typical version of Antigone. Rather the three directors and their casts will create different short interpretations of Wellman’s text to be presented as one show. The story is the same – Antigone buries her dead brother who had lead a revolt against Thebes, which was considered a crime against the state – but the exploration of the story will be totally unique. The three directors are Matthew Brewbaker, Adeara Jean Maurice and Krista Neumann.

The directors are looking for 12-14 creative actors of any gender and ethnicity, ages 14 to 94. The show will be presented February 10, 11,17 &18 at Public Space One.