Dreamwell is excited to present Antigone by Mac Wellman. Performances will be held Feb. 10, 11, 17, and 18, 7:30pm at Public Space One (located in the Wesley Center-120 N. Dubuque St., Iowa City). Tickets are $10 for students and seniors, $13 regular. On Saturday, Feb. 11 we will have Pay What You Can Night, where we encourage you to come see the show and pay what you are able.

This is not a typical version of Antigone. Rather the three directors and their casts will create different short interpretations of Wellman’s text to be presented as one show. The story is the same – Antigone buries her dead brother who had lead a revolt against Thebes, which was considered a crime against the state – but the exploration of the story will be totally unique. The three directors are Matthew Brewbaker, Adeara Jean Maurice and Krista Neumann.

Antigone A Cast, directed by Adeara Jean Maurice
Amelia Morrow
Heather Johnson
Kathy Maxey
Mary Haaf Wedemeyer
Mary Lukas
Regan Loula

Antigone K Cast, directed by Krista Neumann
Randall Schroeder
Joseph Mozena
Madonna Smith
Karle J. Meyers
Ellen Fields

Antigone M Cast, directed by Matthew Brewaker
Jessica Wilson
June Kungu
Caroline Hogan
Elisabeth Ross