Cyber Cipher Answers Revealed! Thanks for Your Participation and Support!

It’s all over. And we can now reveal the answers.

1. Dreamwell’s motto is “A Theatre of Exploration.”
2. Two masks are commonly used as as symbol of theater and drama.
3. According to Wikipedia, the oldest extant community theater group in the US is named The Footlight Club.
4. What is the name of Dreamwell’s current president? Chuck Dufano
5. It is considered back luck for actors to say the name of what Shakespearean character while in a theater? Macbeth
6. What show did Dreamwell produce in May of 2000? Death and the Maiden
7. What is the title of the play that won Dreamwell’s Writers Joust contest and will have it’s premier this November? Innocence
8. What is the name of the longest running show on Broadway? The Phantom of the Opera
9. Dreamwell was recently voted one of the top five area theater groups by what news station? KCRG
10. Take the first and last letters of each clue. Use these letters to spell the title of a past Dreamwell show. You will not use all of the letters and the title is more then one word long.

And the final answer is….


Congratulations to our winner….


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