“Antigone” by Mac Wellman, directed by Matt Brewbaker, Adeara Jean Maurice, and Krista Neumann
February 10, 11, 17 & 18, 2017


Auditions for Dreamwell’s production of Antigone by Mac Wellman, will be December 4 from 1-4 pm and December 5 from 6-8 pm at the Coralville Public Library. Callbacks will be December 6, if needed. The show will be presented February 10-18 at Public Space One.

This is not a typical version of Antigone. Rather the three directors and their casts will create different short interpretations of Wellman’s text to be presented as one show. The story is the same – Antigone buries her dead brother who had lead a revolt against Thebes, which was considered a crime against the state – but the exploration of the story will be totally unique. The three directors are Matthew Brewbaker, Adeara Jean Maurice and Krista Neumann.

The directors are looking for 12-14 creative actors of any gender and ethnicity, ages 14 to 94. Auditioners are encouraged to bring a poem to dramatically interpret for the directors. The poem does need to be memorized. Poems and audition sides will also be available at auditions as well. The directors are also looking for singers, actors with movement experience and actors with drumming experience.


Synopsis:  Version of the classic Antigone story (Antigone buries her dead brother who had lead a revolt against Thebes; such an act was considered a crime against the state) told through 3 women (who may be the three Fates). It is a short play intended to be repeated three times during the same performance. Our idea is to have three different directors do three different interpretations. They may or may not use the same women in their casts.